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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a subscription?

A subscription is £18.50 for the year and £35 for 2 years (UK).

Are subscriptions renewed automatically?

No. A reminder will be sent out with your last issue before your current subscription comes to an end, or by email or second letter.

Do you do direct debit?


Can I get the magazine in newsagents?

No, we are subscription-only. Contact us by either phone, post or online.

How much is it for an almanac?

Our annual events diary is £9.95 inc. postage and packaging. But don't forget, if you take out a subscription at any time, you will the receive next year's almanac absolutely free, and be eligible for the current almanac for a nominal cost.

Can I place a picture advert?

Yes. A sixer ad, with a picture or in a box (text only or with a picture), costs only £6. If wanted on the website as well, it only costs an extra £1.

How much to advertise online?

Upto 35 words, £4 for online only. If wanted in the printed publication as well, again, that's an extra £1.

How many issues do I get a year?

12. One issue every month.

Can I advertise the old girl?

Yes, providing it's a vehicle - and not the wife.