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Current Issue - August 2019, Issue 365

AUGUST 2019 ISSUE: OUR 30th year of publication, CMM is bigger, bolder, brighter, now MORE PAGES, FULL COLOUR THROUGHOUT - and the 2019 Almanac, the 'bible' for enthusiasts is HERE!

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In the August issue,CMM July, Issue 364  On Your Marques looks at the Morris Mi9nor OC National and more. Magpie chats Roller Bearings, and in the Spannerman column it's Spannerman & Memory. Our column by former National Motor Museum Curator, Michael Ware, checks out the plans for three new collections` in a busy Wareabouts column, while Peter Love gives us another Commercial Break and Love Steam. There are news snippets galore, our Letters column, and our look at the world of the autojumbling with The Secret Autjumbler. Grant Ford's Fordie's Favourites looks at the Goodwood FOS Concours.  Our events section - the best in Britain - features all the best shows and 'jumbles for you to visit, and we've show reports and previews. Landers Lobby discusses Ridiculous Complications and The Secret Autojumbler checks out a variety of recent events - where was the best business to be had, where were the best bacon butties? We also look at upcoming events and continue delving into the archive of the much-missed Lock Man. Look out for all the news and snippets, plus all those ads for upcoming events; no better time than now to think about that subscription than the August issue!!

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August Issue Previews...


THIS IS RATHER AN INVOLVED story - so please bear with me. My wife and I bought a ride-on lawnmower last year. Relatively new and at a good price - even if it did cost nearly twice as much as our last car. (Admittedly; by most people’s standards, that car was ridiculously cheap at £300.)

Anyway, after a good deal of initial annoyance - traced to a dodgy electronic circuit board - the mower has worked well. Since it represents a considerable outlay, I’m determined to keep it in its current, pristine condition. So I refused to use it until I’d derusted and repainted the shroud (the bit surroundimg the blade) and sprayed the underside with a heavy wax coating.

For ages now, I’ve had a big aerosol can of ‘Wax Lube Protective Coating’, which is a superb anti-corrosion fluid - much tougher than cavity wax. It comes out like grease but then partly soldifies, leaving a sticky brown layer that’s practically impossible to shift. Water from a jet-wash just bounces off. It has been great for coating chrome during winter storage, and protecting rarely used tools. Only trouble is - it has nearly run out, and, strangely, the can doesn’t mention either maker or supplier. Just the product name plus health and safety warnings. I can’t remember where I bought it, and there’s little chance of replacing it with an identical formula. It’s described as ‘Dangerous For The Environment’ so has probably been banned.

The way to find out, obviously, was via an internet search. Unfortunately, ‘Wax Lube’ now seems to be a proprietary name associated with bicycle chain lubricants - so the first few thousand of the 10,400 results came up as variations on that theme, simply confirming that this wasn’t the type of wax I wanted. At long last, after refining the search terms, I found something marketed as ‘Ferprime Wax’, which finally ticked the boxes. This claims to be a semi-permanent anti-corrosion coating featuring most of the properties I need.
Time will tell...

I was so pleased at having found it - and so weary after staring at the computer screen all evening - that I hit the ‘buy now’ button without further ado. At that precise moment, the computer decided to throw a fit; when I regained control, I found I’d bought two bottles of the stuff! Oh well, I’ll probably use it eventually, and postage remains the same so it’s better value. Mistake justified....

From The Landers Lobby in our August issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


FIRST OFF, HERE’S AN ADMISSION which I hope is not too surprising. My powers of recall are not as good as they once were.

However, not everything I fail to do is simply because I’ve forgotten about it. Last month, I should have been following up on my enquiries based on the Myth of the Month regarding the introduction of various low emission zones and the question of whether or not it is correct that we should allow someone to pollute that area if they’re prepared to pay a few extra quid for the privilege. I decided to delay my thoughts on that topic following the white van driver and his passenger stopping to ask me for directions. I wrote all about that last month, and I’ll be letting you know more about the motorbike with the missing speedometer later.

So now let’s return to the low emission zones. Here’s what I wrote: “The last time I remember petrol coupons being issued was during the oil crisis in the early seventies. I seem to recall that, other than for certain vital services, these were issued on an equal basis to all. Is that correct, or is my dodgy memory letting me down again?” There were a few comments made down at the Chequered Flag, and most of these related to my memory. The comments relating to the issue of petrol coupons mostly agreed with my recollection of events. I decided I wanted to try and find out more about all of this, and with the help of Know-it-all Ken’s nephew,

I now have a fascinating document to read. It is a Ph.D thesis written by Rosaleen Anne Hughes for Queen Mary University of London in 2012. It is 278 pages long, and is titled “‘Governing in Hard Times’: The Heath Government and Civil Emergencies – the 1972 and the 1974 Miners’ Strikes.” I know I’m probably a little strange in this, but I do enjoy reading a clear historical record with a good list of supporting evidence for any statements made.

Here’s a few snippets of what the Ph.D thesis said, and you’ll note that I’ve made a few amendments to help make sense of the context: “As the shortage of oil supplies began to be felt there were long queues at petrol stations, largely as the result of panic buying and [Peter] Walker [Trade and Industry Minister] appealed for a reduction in weekend motoring to a minimum and none on Sundays. The DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] .. set up Regional Petroleum HQs ready to administer a system of petrol rationing and fuel rationing books were printed and distributed to post offices. The Cabinet returned to the issue of whether to introduce petrol rationing on several occasions in November and December [1973] but always baulked at it, relying instead on public appeals and price controls. It [Government Emergency Action Committee formed prior to 1974 General Election] met only once on 18 February [1974] when it decided that the need for petrol rationing was now over and the Regional Petroleum Offices, which had been set up to implement a rationing scheme should be run down...”

From Spannerman's column in the August issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


ONCE AGAIN, OUR POSTMAN failed to deliver my invite to judge at the 2019 Cartier Style et Luxe, enjoying its regular venue decorating the lawns of Goodwood House during the Festival of Speed.

Therefore, as in the previous five years I took the opportunity to asses the seven classes myself and select the winners plus Fordies ‘Best in Show’ two days prior to the results being announced. Long term readers of CMM will be aware that my track record over previous years has differed from the ‘well heeled’ whom are plied with sparkling Evian whilst discussing the virtues of the world’s best presented automobiles. 

Only one of eleven ‘official appraisers’ works full time within the motoring world and alongside regular judge Lord Snowdon there is no shortage of stylish models and designers joining jockey Frankie Dettori. The seven classes for 2019 offer much variety from the positively exotic to the humble commercial and its with the latter we begin. Tea for Two Volkswagen’s Versatile Type 2 Van, the earliest heralding from 1956; a single cab pick-up which ran my class winning 1959 Canadian Royal Mail Van very close. This rare swivel seat version was found derelict and restored to its working life specification and came loaded with period mail bags. Aston-ishing Marek’s V8 Masterpiece.

This years FOS is celebrating the Aston Martin brand across the four days and the ‘concours’ section takes in the examples from 1971 to 1990.  My choice went to the 79 Vantage Tickford S4; hailed at the time as Britain’s premier supercar and described by Aston’s owner Victor Gaunlett as ‘The Ferrari that had been to Oxford’. Six vehicles from 1949 to 1961 took part in the Milanese Maestros that recognised a century of Zagato which offered much head-scratching as both the Abarth 750GT Zagato (1959) and the 1954 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS were worthy winners. My mind was made up when I noticed Bernie Ecclestone admiring the Alfa and whilst many may disagree with his opinions, he has a history of getting his own way. Bentley Beguiling R-Type featured in the next batch under the title Continental Drift and one all-black example coach built by H J Mulliner took the decision; delivered to its wealthy Swiss owner in 1953 and presented on the lawn as it had just left the showroom floor.

The final three groupings would surely include the overall victor and featured ‘A Sting in the Tail’ - 70 years of Abarth, a brand that built small sportsters which usually look as good from the rear as they do from the front...

From Fordie's Favourites in our August issue; read the whole article, subscribe today!


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